Biofac Caviar Collagen™

Biofac Caviar Collagen™ is now available from Europe. Caviar collagen contains type II collagen, Chondroitin sulfate, Proteoglycans and hyaluronic acid


Reginator® is a unique optimized amino acid patented formulation for muscle health.  Developed at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, it was developed over twenty years through 25 human trials

Weigh Level®

Weigh Level® is a unique herbal Patented formulation developed at the University of Copenhagen (Denmark) for weight control and has multiple human trials


Arthricor® is a unique olive extract that is very low cost and low dosage product for joint health. Developed by Arizona State University, it is backed by two human trials.


Propol® is a unique low 1-gram dosage fiber with over 60 published human clinical trials.  The clinical trials focused on several applications:  non-calorie satiety, body weight and fat loss, glycemic control, heart health, prebiotics and time release of other compounds

Mediterranean Health

Mediterranean Health is a unique cardio health supplement offering all three olive polyphenols in a stable composition with low dosage and cost

Immune Guard

Immune Guard®

Immune Guard® is a patented green tea extract developed at Harvard University for immune health and is backed by two human trials


Cardio Guard®

Cardio Guard®is a patented green tea extract developed at Harvard University for Heart Health


Patented Time Release Fiber

Patented Time Release Fiberis a new delivery system using a unique fiber that acts as a microcapsule around other powders, adding a small amount 1% to 3% can create a time release or gentle release for 1 to 8 hours