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We are currently seeking Dietary Supplement Branded Manufacturers to take our innovations to market and help grow your business.

The following is a quick summary of our ingredients and technologies:

1. Reginator® is a unique optimized amino acid formulation for muscle health. Developed at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences to preserve muscle function while on NASA deep space missions, it took seventeen years to develop and over 24 human trials in its development. Reginator provides a low dose muscle health supplement and was selected as a NutrAward finalist for 2017.

2. Arthricor® is a unique olive extract that is very low cost/low dosage for joint health. Developed at a University, it is backed by two human trials

3. Mediterranean Health is a unique cardio health supplement offering all three olive polyphenols in a stable composition with low dosage and cost. It offers a very small dosage compared to krill.


4. Propol® Is a unique low dosage fiber with over 60 published human clinical trials The clinical trials focused on several applications; Appetite control/ Non Calorie Satiety, Body Weight / Fat Loss, Glycemic Control, Heart Health, Prebiotics, Time release of other compounds

5. Weigh Level® is a unique herbal formulation developed in Europe for weight control and has two published and two non published human trials. The significant results showed 20 pounds lost in three months with a low dosage per serving. We have just completed a successful one a day dosage weight loss trial. A Fifth trial is starting in Feb 2017.

6. Immune Guard® is a patented green tea extract developed at Harvard University for immune health and backed by two human trials

7. Time Release Fibeis a new delivery system using a unique fiber that acts as a microcapsule around other powders, adding a small amount 1% to 3% can create a time release or gentle release for 1 to 8 hours. A great way to differentiate existing products such as probiotics or proteins.

8. Caviar Collagen  is a new product we are just starting to promote for antiaging/ skin health.  Caviar Collagen contains high levels to type II collagen, Chondroitin sulfate and hyaluronic acid.

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